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About Me

As a writer of short and long-form fiction, I explore the intersection of past and future. Stories that juxtapose historical fiction with speculative elements are closest to my heart. I read and respect all genres, including science fiction and fantasy, romance, mystery, horror, and westerns.

As a copy editor, I’m obsessed with the Chicago Manual of Style. I particularly enjoy their hyphenation table, and I stand by their update in the 17th edition affirming the singular use of “they” to refer to a person who does not identify with a gender-specific or binary pronoun. I have copy edited fiction and non-fiction, including textbooks and government reports, and I conduct DEI reviews and sensitivity reads.

As a story coach, I offer manuscript critiques and developmental editing services. The style and vision of the author is paramount when we discuss how to best deploy craft elements, story structure, and language to help the writer tell their story effectively. 

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